“I had the pleasure of working with Joel, Karissa, and Alexi as my company is building a new website for them. Their professionalism and excellent communication skills made working with them so fun and easy! During this process, I got an inside look at operations at JITA and I can tell you they are nothing short of World Class contractors. Their work is impressive and their clients are in love with them.”

Sean Moriarty

“We had the opportunity to work with JITA contracting during the construction of our new Subaru sales and service facility. Throughout the construction process they were professional, courteous, honest and responsive to our requests and needs in building a state of the art retail environment. I would highly recommend JITA for any scale construction project as they are a pleasure to work with and more than capable.”

Greg Rowland

“I really enjoy working with Jita Construction and owner Joel Aguilar. His eye for design and detail are outstanding. Joel is a man of integrity who does what he says he will do, on time and on budget. When problems arise, and they always do in development. Joel is excellent in solving to solution. I have been working with Joel for over a decade, and have never been disappointed.”

David Voell

“JITA sticks to their contracts. In the three years I worked for JITA they completed projects on schedule and on budget. From a personal standpoint, Joel Aguilar, President and my direct supervisor, supported me as an employee through a health crisis. I can highly recommend Mr. Aguilar and his company, JITA Contracting, to any potential customer or staff.”

Vanessa Boyd

“We’ve been working on a few projects. Mostly commercial for sale residential. Joel and team are prompt, professional, and dig into make sure they (and we) understand the details of what we are trying to o accomplish. Our “Go To” contracting partner in the region.”

Charles Lindsay McAlpine

“JITA Contracting was in charge of building the 9 unit townhome project where I purchased one of the units. I came to Durango looking for a place to escape California and I looked at 5 places in Durango, all being new. As soon as I walked into the place that JITA developed, I knew that unit was most likely going to surpass all other options. The quality of the materials and the attention to detail, like no molding around any of the doors and the finished window casings, were a big clue as to how much work went into building these places. The fixtures were all high quality, including the appliances. I have had houses built before, and I know the difference between a track built place and a place built of great quality. The JITA built places were of the later. Any small issues that I did discover after moving in were handled by JITA contracting in a very speedy manner, which says a lot about a company.”

Dan Alustiza

“Over the last six years I have built four townhomes using JITA.

The modern and unique designs and quality of construction are exceptional.”

Joel Fry

“Very professional services with great people to work with.”

Michael Russell

“Bunch of great folks focused on your building project!”

Mike Lindemann

“Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness”

John Wells: The Wells Group

“The best around for custom and commercial.”

Travis Measles

“They perform beautiful work. We had a major issue with our townhome and Joel was there with in 30 minutes to help us start getting a solution. He is very professional and does the right thing for his customers. I’m glad to know Joel as a person, and I hope to purchase a house he has constructed in the future. Thank you for your great work!”

Justin Nylund

“I have been in and toured several of their new finished homes and townhomes; the level of finish, style, and quality is amazing!

I have been in and toured several of their new finished homes and townhomes; the level of finish, style, and quality is amazing!”

Travis Measles

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